Russell Community Concert Band

We are your family, your friends, and your neighbours. We are young and old, students, government office workers, local vendors and retired. As members of the Russell Community Concert Band, we are proud to live in Russell and surrounding areas. We love playing music together, learning and growing as we practice our skills and perform for you, our community.

Founded in 2009, we are a charitable organization whose primary aim is to increase musicianship and the enjoyment of music within Russell and its surrounding communities. Our band is made up of many different skill levels. We are constantly seeking new concert band members and their instruments, never turning anyone away who wishes to continue improving his or her skills. We don’t judge – we learn and have fun, as we improve together. We offer volunteer hours to high school students who wish to play and learn with us. We offer free concerts to Seniors’ residences during the holidays and throughout the year. We participate in the Russell Winter Carnival; we offer a free, old-fashioned concert in the park in June for our neighbours; and we are most willing to help other Russell organizations with their charitable aims by offering a free concert to help with fundraising.

We hope that by being a part of the Russell community, the Russell Community Concert Band (RCCB) can help to enrich it. Please contact us should you wish to include the RCCB as a part of your community-oriented activities.

No matter if you would like to join up, find out more about who we are, or maybe have us come to perform for you, we would love to hear from you!

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Russell Community Concert Band
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